Matrix12 is a pushbutton panel with 12 programmable buttons, with CAN interface, to be installed on a panel. The 7" LCD shows status and meaning of the 12 buttons in the active page, and the status of the plant.

The CAN interface is of standard type DS301.

If necessary it is possible to create up to four pages, thus managing 36 different buttons.

With a USB connection, it is possible to upload an image that identifies the function of each button.

In addition to standardizing on-board push-button panels, Polaris12 facilitates any customization, such as the addition of buttons to implement new functions.

The main advantages over a traditional panel are:

  • Compactness
  • Removal of buttons, wiring and I/O modules with a consequent gain of space inside the cabinet
  • Removal of the wiring diagram
  • Extreme versatility to add buttons and functions, fully programmable by PLC, eliminating subsequent wiring interventions
  • Display of the machine status with any warning and error messages
  • Remote programming
  • Internationalization of texts and messages
  • Top compatibility of current PLCs (standard CAN DS301)

There are also 4 digital inputs at 24Vdc to which buttons, limit switches, photocell proximity switches, etc. can be connected.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D) 250 x 240 x 30mm
Weight 0.8Kg
Mounting Panel
Plate material Anodised aluminum and polyester
Power supply 18 – 36Vdc
Supply current 0.25A@24V
CAN Lines 1
Display 7" TDT 800x480
Buttons 12 mechanical
Optoisolated inputs 4
Marking CE (EN61131-2)
Operating temperature 0 – 55°C
Storage temperature -20 – 85°C
Storage humidity Max 95% non-condensing
Protection grade IP65 on the front